Double Trouble from Days Past

The Marietta Square is quickly becoming my favorite location for a photo shoot. The park in the center of the square is great, but there are so many awesome alley ways and hidden areas that are great backdrops. Sometimes it’s necessary to find those hidden spots because of all the events that happen in the park.

That’s exactly what happened this day. Little did we know that morning that there would be the Farmer’s Market, and a fundraiser event. Needless to say, the area was packed! We had to depend on the secret spots for our shoot. And what a great shoot it was! I was delighted to photograph a family I knew from an old job of mine. I hadn’t seen the twins in a year and it was nice to see what sweet young ladies they’re becoming. Their parents decided to join us at the end for a few family pictures. Who can resist a funny face picture, especially with three youngsters?!









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