First Christmas as a Family of Three!

With half of the Defy team moving north, I’ve been so grateful to spend as much time with them as possible lately, especially since their little one arrived. When he was just a few weeks old we took some family photos to use for their Christmas card when we took his newborn portraits. They are such a beautiful family and I know that only good awaits them in their future.

family of 3


mother and son


father and son


family of three


rings on toes


mother and son


daddy's hand

Gifts from the heart!

With the holidays approach many are having special cards and gifts created. Last year we went to a senior citizen community and took holiday portraits. This dear lady took photos that she then used as gifts for her children and grandchildren. It was so sweet to see the sparkle in her eyes and help her with this precious idea. Enjoy your shopping and gift giving this year!

elderly ladychristmas portrait of elderly lady

Clayton Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Find a tree, bring down the decorations, light it up – it’s Christmas time!! Now that it’s December, I’m okay with seeing Christmas things everywhere. I feel like it started so early this year. I will admit that we took our family photos for our Christmas card in November, but you almost have to in order to have your card done and sent out in time. So before Meredith moves up north, she came over for some Clayton bonding. We even gave the pups a bath right before she came over and gave them some bows. Even though our shoot wasn’t long, we had a lot of fun and now we want to share that joy with you!

whole family

close up red glasses


red tree full length



prom pose

fun piggy back

you&me feet

holly kiss