Milestones each step of the way.

The major milestones in life that we often think of first include births, graduations and marriages. However, there are little ones that happen in between that are milestones too. This little one joined us at her tenth month for a mini session in the park, and she had many skills to show us. From smiling, to sitting up, to crawling; I loved seeing these proud parents enjoy every moment with her. So today I remind you all, don’t forget to celebrate the little steps in life! Each one a milestone of its own.

so much excitementten months old proud daddy moment laughing with mommy and daddy im cute big brown eyes

First new family in Connecticut!

This past winter we had to make the difficult decision to divide the company between Georgia and Connecticut. While there were tears shed for this move, we knew in our hearts new clients would be found for half our company going to New England. Here’s to the best first session in Connecticut! This family was full of life and smiles, and the girls showed us all around this wonderful park! We are so grateful for the continuous work in Georgia and the new found work in Connecticut.

hugs and kisses playground funholding hands pure excitement