Milestones: High School Senior Portraits!

There are many milestones in our lives and graduating from high school is one of them. I love working with these young adults, capturing their memories of their final year as a kid. Whether we include a uniform, an instrument or a special ribbon, every piece of a senior session marks true accomplishments and rewards. This particular young man was a joy to work with on his school campus. He was very agreeable to whatever mom or I requested and we even got the younger brother in a couple shots that mom then used for holiday cards. Best of luck as you finish your senior year!

Senior in the Square

This was another fun senior portrait session in the Marietta Square. This girl enjoyed walking around, seeing the sights, and posing with her dog. It was quite a hot day, and she soldiered through. She even took the time to change outfits in her hot car!

Congrats to all those who recently graduated and are enjoying their first summer out of high school!!

close up with ring face close up from above marble column serious reclined by bush reclined with flowers girl with dog

More Senior Celebrations

We certainly do love celebrating with these students as they embark on their final year in high school! This senior to be and her family met me at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford and I captured her gentle character through out the park. I included a family portrait at the end of session to show it’s not just the senior whose celebrating this great milestone!

beautiful eyesall grown up class ring   gymnastic workclose up teenager girl high school senior sassy fun smile showing off my shoes sister fun sisterly lovefamily of four

Senior Fever

Schools are really stepping it up these days. I remember that my brother and I had to get our senior portraits taken during our senior year. I’m finding more and more nowadays that schools want the pictures submitted by the end of the students’ junior year!

I love shooting senior portraits because you really get to learn a lot about the subject’s personality in such a short time. This cutie met me in the Marietta Square a few weeks ago. She even brought her old headband she wore in her first ever school picture and put it on for a few pictures. Her mom joined us on the shoot, and you could see how proud she was of her little girl.senior_park









senior_park_vertsenior_leaning_against_wall senior_looking_up

Peachtree Senior Fun

With the new school year starting, all the seniors are frantically looking through their pictures to find that special one to put in the yearbook. We enjoyed going to the Marietta Square (a popular place!) for some senior portraits. This 2014 graduate made the trip up to Marietta from Peachtree City so she could have unique pictures that stood out from her friends’. It was fun to see her different personalities come out with her outfit changes, and her mom was there making sure she looked picture perfect. She’s such a beautiful model, it was hard to select just a few pictures to post!

close up senior


Tony Romo? senior love senior girl romo cowboy senior girl ring senior girl laying on train tracks senior girl color guard senior girl pink shoes senior girl 2014

Everyone loves their picture taken!

When most people think of portraits they think of baby or children photos. Well, we were quite delighted when we were asked to take photos of this elderly lady! We were informed she wanted photos for Christmas cards and gifts and she had just bought new clothes for her birthday. We were sure to get all the outfit combos as well as captured her sweet personality. Since then, we’ve loved hearing how much her children enjoyed their Christmas photos from their dear mom!

elder lady portraitbirthday outfit for senior citizen85 year old ladyclose up older lady