Anniversary photos!

You’ve done the engagement photos, and the wedding album is printed and sitting on your coffee table. You’ve had a couple kids and made sure to capture their births and milestones on camera. And maybe you’ve gotten the whole family together for the annual holiday card. But when was the last time you took a professional picture of just you and your partner? Your soulmate, the one whose been through it all with you and keeps you laughing? This beautiful couple came to us to capture such a photograph. Their devotion to one another as well as their matured, ever lasting love shone throughout their session with us at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford, Connecticut. It was a rare privilege to see and we were so grateful to be a part of it. Happy anniversary for many years to come!

An orange polka dotted bow tie.

This little guy was celebrating a big milestone, his first birthday! He sported his bow tie with class and gave kissy fish faces to the camera to show his love. We included mommy and daddy for some fun casual shots as well as his two cousins for some fun. This sweet boy has a soft personality and he was a joy to work with.

Elizabeth Park portraits exploring texture   kissy fish face  three cousins true love true partnerkisses from mommyi love mommy and daddytalking with daddy

Growing family joys

This family received a new baby boy this summer and during our session we got to capture the tender new relationships between everyone. Big brother was so gentle and even eager to hold his new friend. And had fun goofing around with daddy between takes. He earned his ice cream for sure! Grandma was even present for our session and so we were sure to capture her with her precious grandsons. Best wishes to this family as they continue on this new adventure as a growing family!

new brothersmy little brothergramma timegrandmas boysgoofing around with daddymother love family giggles

Two little explorers in a young girl’s park

I had the privilege of photographing two very special girls. My flower girl and her little sister who arrived 2 months after our wedding! We checked out a new playground and these two ran around showing me all the exciting slides and features to the play-scape. I even got to see how to make a dress twirl! The playground we choose is brightly colored purple and yet it is one created from a tragic event. The Ana Grace Marquez-Greene’s Playground in Elizabeth Park in Hartford was made in honor of one of the Sandy Hook victims. As the seasons change and we watch the children start a new school year, I hope this year comes with joy, eagerness to learn, excitement for exploration, and gentle peace for all our students. We have enjoyed photographing countless children and their loving smiles is what makes us continue daily to do what we love as a life long career.

learning to slidei can spin my dress  toddler walkingplaying on the slide togetherbig girl now

We love our reunions with past clients!

This little guy is starting preschool this fall! We first met him when he was just a few weeks old and it’s hard to believe he’s already starting this new adventure. He is quite the cutie and we know he will make many great friends this school year. Good luck to his mom cause we are sure he will steal many hearts with that handsome smile!

big smile i love you im cute mommy l is my letter such a good boy

More Senior Celebrations

We certainly do love celebrating with these students as they embark on their final year in high school! This senior to be and her family met me at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford and I captured her gentle character through out the park. I included a family portrait at the end of session to show it’s not just the senior whose celebrating this great milestone!

beautiful eyesall grown up class ring   gymnastic workclose up teenager girl high school senior sassy fun smile showing off my shoes sister fun sisterly lovefamily of four